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8 september 2015 van 20:30 – 21:30 uur een te gekke Try Out bij Burning Heart Hilversum: BOXING YOGA!
Kost niets maar wel even opgeven aan de bar ajb. Ook niet leden mogen mee doen!

Wat is Boxing Yoga?

Hallo vechtsporters. Mijn naam is Jim Willetts en ik doe al  28 jaar intensief aan boksen, zoals jullie natuurlijk ook weten zijn het intensieve trainingen. BoxingYoga helpt je in je sport door dat je hiermee uiteindelijk vrijer kunt bewegen en blessures voorkomt.
Als je het een uitdaging vindt om de ring in te staan, ga deze uitdaging dan ook maar eens aan, als je durft.’
Jim Willetts, trainer & owner Jimmy’s Gym, Utrecht

Enkele reacties over Boxing Yoga:

“BoxingYoga is very sport-specific to what I do, and I am definitely going to implement into my training, as it’s going to help me improve in every department. A lot of fighters don’t know how to stretch properly. BoxingYoga has everything they need. BoxingYoga keeps you young and it keeps you fresh and keeps your body more athletic for a longer period of time, so you can do what you love for longer.”
Scott Quigg, World Super Bantamweight Boxing Champion

“Following the success of BoxingYoga in pre-season at our Training Academy, we set-up regular post-match BoxingYoga recovery sessions for our First Team. The sessions have proved extremely beneficial and it’s no coincidence the squad are recovering faster from injury and showing improvement on post-match fatigue. We couldn’t be happier with the effect BoxingYoga is having on the players and their ability to consistently perform at the highest level. I strongly recommend BoxingYoga to everyone.”
Philip Morrow, Performance Director, Saracens Rugby Club

“Chelsea FC Foundation are extremely excited to be working with BoxingYoga. Their programmes give our learners a really unique experience regarding the fitness and discipline of boxing, fused with the suppleness and mindset of yoga.”
Matt Mead, Head of Education, Chelsea Football Club Foundation

“Yoga for tough guys. How a yoga regime devised for boxers became a fitness phenomenon. The discipline abandons many of yoga’s more traditional conventions and focuses on more streamlined activity, directly targeting improved sporting performance.”
Forever Sports Magazine

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